viral moments

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music careers

Artist Growth

Backed by technology giant Tencent , we are the artist growth partner behind some of the fastest growing independent artists globally.

On average in the first year,
our artists grow their streams by


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How We Do It

We agree on a mission with every artist, we provide the funding, a global team and a transparent deal. Then we, as a team, follow our 10 fundamentals which we believe are the cornerstone of success for an artist in the modern music industry.

Our 10 Fundamentals

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  1. Be prolific musically & ‘social first’ (including Spotify).
  2. Build a strong visual identity.
  3. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.
  4. 'Re-version' relentlessly.
  5. Think global from Day One.
  6. Own your fan base.
  7. Let the data drive you.
  8. Don’t try and guess the hits.
  9. Go big on viral moments.
  10. Convert online moments to offline.